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Grade 12 University English: A Necessity for University

When applying for university, many universities have Grade 12 English at a University level as a requirement. Often, people wonder if they should have to complete this difficult course. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like it is needed for a future career, or maybe people simply don’t want to take it due to the difficulty. Bad news for these people; Grade 12 University English is crucial.

Some struggle with English, but still want to go to university.

Some might be wondering if it is worth the stress to take this course, and according to the government of Ontario, it is. The government says Grade 12 University English should be taken in order to enhance the use of language, whether this be through writing better essays or simply expanding the way we criticize literature. Grade 12 University English acts as practice for writing formal essays by analyzing literature through literary theory and applying this information to a thesis. Some universities require essays as a part of their application process, therefore taking Grade 12 University English will give students an advantage.

Through Grade 12 University English, students will learn to use MLA format properly, an important aspect in preventing plagiarism, which can have severe consequences in university. Learning to cite sources shows that students are able to use other people’s work and expand on it. This is a hugely important feature of any course in university that requires thought and writing.

Copy - Paste
Plagiarism can be as simple as copying and pasting without adding a source.

A final reason that Grade 12 University English should be a requirement for university is the very fact that it is a university level course. This means that it was created with the intent of preparing students specifically for university. English is a building block for every course in university, therefore taking this level of English should be required to properly prepare students for what they will be facing in their post-secondary endeavours. If it is too difficult, then perhaps the student should consider that a college level English course- and with that, college- might be the right path for them. Since Grade 12 University English is meant for those interested in attending university, I believe that it should definitely be a requirement for university if students plan on succeeding.


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